WTS 55.5m SP High Sec lvl4 / Anomic / T6

I can do Caldari Navy lvl4s, including all the anomic missions and sufficient Drone Skills to run T5 / T6 Exotics in a Gila. I have great base skills for capacitor, electronics, etc.

Positive wallet.
Positive sec status.
Caldari Navy lvl4s available
Marauders 5 (Golem for lvl4s)
Assault Frig 5 (Trig frig 5 for Anomic Teams and Agents)
HAC 5 (Trig / Amarr HAC for Anomic Bases)
Solid Drone skills and Caldari / Gallente crusier 5 for Gila to run T5/T6
All the fits for these are labeled and included.

Excellent Missile skills and Gunnery Support skills for Trig AF and HAC
Scanning skills lvl4

No kill rights. No Corp History
2 Remap
Toon in Jita

Starting 30 Bil
Ends Monday 02 January at Downtime

30 bill

Looking for a new home!

40B offer

Hei. You win! Transfer isk to this char and ill start the transfer process!

im sorry im finding another pilot

found something else

41b for this

42b offer

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