WTS 55.9M SP Pochven / WH Pilot (Closed)


Selling this awsome named character. Used during Trig Invasions and Pochven.

55.9M SP

Typical Pochven pilot (4.72 Trig standing)

All Precursor ships V
Nestor and Naga pilot
Logistics V
Amarr BS V

No kill rights
Security Status 1.4
Sitting in Jita atm

1 set Mid-Grade Asklepians
1 set Mid-Grade Amulets
1 set +4 implants

6 Kybernaut skins and others Skins

2 Remaps available.

Bid 34.5b - edited
Buyout 49b

Mary Jane Insanes Skillboard || Eve Is ESI || A Third Party Eve Online App

32b offer


Can’t go less than that.

Sale is over.

Thank you.

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