✅ WTS 55M JF + Freighter LVL5 , T2 Exhumers, Indy and Miner, F/Recon, Blockade + DST 56 SKINS!

Time to free up some of my accounts as I just don’t get enough time to quad box these days so I’m for sale. Nice skillset for someone wanting to haul, mine T2 DST, Cyno or get serious about JF stuff about

Born 2013

Can Pilot Nomad Anshar and Ark all to LVL 5
Providence Fenrir and Obelisk at LVL 5
DST, T2 Haulers, Blockade Runners and Combat recon, Lachesis and Arazu Force Recon along with all T2 Exhumers to LVL 4

  • 55,415,076 Skill Points of which just over 1m are un allocated
  • No Kill Rights
  • No negative Standing
  • Isk Positive Wallet
  • In NPC Station Amarr
  • All Jump Clones are available
  • Researching Paused
  • Neural remap available
  • Ill pay Transfer

Yioul Star
Crown and Swords
Cold Iron
Oasis of Faith
Star Captain


Im after a fair offer or buyout

Mods if if missed anything please shout :slight_smile:

Ill start us at a nice 40b and see whats what but keen to sell soon, im not after along drawn out dutch auction :slight_smile:

41B offer

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44B BO offer. Isk by Hand

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45B offer,let’s see the results tomorrow.

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bumpety bump

45B offer!

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thanks but theres already a 45b offer on the table and its worth more o7

offer46b now

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hi thanks for the offer, I was looking for nearer 50 given that characters are selling currently for nigh on 1b per mil but thats just my observation :slight_smile:

50b Buyout offer - ISK in hand!

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Roofus… in the words of the great Christoph Woltz ‘thats a bingo’ thank for the bid-bid accepted
send isk and details and ill process it now

Isk and account details sent! Thank you!

Transfer processed thanks again- fly safe o7

GM please delete SOLD

Character received - thank you!

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