WTS 55m Rorqual Pilot. Perfect Miner. Fleet Booster/Industrial/Production/Research/Exploration/PI


Perfect Miner:
Mining V
Astrogeology V
Gas Cloud Harvesting V
Ice Harvesting V
Mining Drones V
Exhumers V
Mining Barge V
Mining Frigate V

Capital Industrial Ships IV
Near perfect Fleet Support: 10.3mil out of 18.4mil (all Commands and Command Specialists to V, Mining Foreman V, Mining Director IV)

Ore Industrial IV
Salvaging V

2.2mil sp in PI

Covops IV
Hacking V
Scanning skills V or IV

Amarr, Caldari Industrial V

over 5m sp in Science
over 4.5m sp in Resource Processing

Good EWar, Production skills
Great armor, shield, drone development

Lot of utility in Exploration, Mining, Production, Research. With a little work could be an excellent Fleet Booster or EWAR Pilot, as well.

Currently in Amarr.

Staring bids at 40b, Buy out somewhere close to 60b (I’ll know it when I hear it).




final bump


I’m going to give it one more day then sell at 45bil.

sounds good!

eve mail sent.

Is this sale final?

Have not been able to contact lycoses22, the sale is not final. Bids are reopened.

I can offer 45B

I’ll accept that. Send an Evemail to Jackson Olacar with the account you’d like it transferred to and the isk and we’ll get this wrapped up today.

Sorry, just looked and realized I got this confused with a pilot with Capital Industrial V and Jump Drive Calibration skills. Best I could do is 35B. Otherwise best of luck!


final bump before the drain.

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