WTS 55M SP,Nyx、Black Ops、Phoenix

Unallocated SP:974,432
High-grade Amulet Beta in Jita IV - Moon 4 - Caldari Navy Assembly Plant

  • Excellent drone skills
  • Excellent missile skills
  • Can fly Nyx、Black Ops、Phoenix ……
    JDC V

starting price:36B
top price:46B

The link cannot be opened.

  • I have modified it, please check

bump !

30b - your character needs to be in an npc corp

Bidding starts at 36B, and I’ll join NPC Corporation if anyone wants me

You have to, its not about wanting to. It’s the selling rules

32B offer

32.5 offer

33b offer

I bid 34B

35b offer

36B offer

37b offer

38B offer


I will accept the highest offer within 24 hours

My offer is only valid today.

I will accept the highest offer within 24 hours,Or if someone wants to pay 40B, I can sell right away

Highest offer 39B