WTS 56.7m Boosts, LOGI, ORCA, Great WH, HAC V, 10 drone to V, DST, PI Vs, scanning, 21m in ships

ASingle name: Sabrat

67 skills at Level 5

Logi is all at V, combined with 3 racial cruisers at V and Logi frig, make you a great Logibro, Armor and shield emissions both at V

Drone support skills at V plus Light, Medium, Heavy, Sentry all at V

8 Engineering at V so no fitting issues

5.6m in Fleet support for boosts or can suck those out and reinject for something else.

All Planetary Management (except Remote Sensing) at V so great passive income

Gas Cloud Harvesting V for those nice Ladar sites
Scanning skills are all at IV, great for WHs

TONS of ships to V
Assault Frigate V
Logi Cruiser V
Logi Frig V
Gallente and Caldari Industrial to V with transports to IV
Mining Barge to V, could go right into Exhumers (skill injected, just need astro to V i believe)
All racial cruisers to V (except Min)
Covert Ops to IV
Industrial Command to V

Super clean employment history
Currently in NPC corp
Located in Jita
One jump clone in Jita with crap implants
Current clone has +4s
Has 3 remaps plus yearly remap.

Positive Wallet
Positive concord standings
No kill rights
I pay transfer fee
No assets with sale

45 Bill

Offer withdrawn but 2b sent for being cool and understanding about the RL situation.

I am at work right now. If this is still the highest offer in 9 hours then will accept and close transaction.

Offer accepted, please send isk and account name.

No contact from buyer, sale resuming

bump for sale

My mistake didnt see ingame mail from buyer (away for a few days). Sale on hold until his return.

Offer withdrawn but 2b sent for being cool and understanding about the RL situation.

Sale resuming.

Not using plex to transfer, you get me fast!

Offers considered

I clean windows too!

how much is the current bid?

45b but I haven’t heard from that bidder.

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Bumper cars

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