WTS 56.7M +200K, LOGI, Orca, HAC V, PI Vs, great WH alt, 10 drones to V, 5m in boosts, 67 skills @ V

Single name: Sabrat

67 skills at Level 5

Logi is all at V, combined with 3 racial cruisers at V and Logi frig, make you a great Logibro, Armor and shield emissions both at V

Drone support skills at V plus Light, Medium, Heavy, Sentry all at V

8 Engineering at V so no fitting issues

5.6m in Fleet support for boosts or can suck those out and reinject for something else.

All Planetary Management (except Remote Sensing) at V so great passive income

Gas Cloud Harvesting V for those nice Ladar sites
Scanning skills are all at IV, great for WHs

TONS of ships to V
Assault Frigate V
Logi Cruiser V
Logi Frig V
Gallente and Caldari Industrial to V with transports to IV
Mining Barge to V, could go right into Exhumers (skill injected, just need astro to V i believe)
All racial cruisers to V (except Min)
Covert Ops to IV
Industrial Command to V

Super clean employment history
Currently in NPC corp
Located in Jita
One jump clone in Jita with crap implants
Current clone has +4s
Has 3 remaps plus yearly remap.

Positive Wallet
Positive concord standings
No kill rights
I pay transfer fee
No assets with sale

Please no low ball offers, will just be viewed as a bump as min bid must be 45bil or higher or will just keep and suck out the SP and use for hauler/PI alt. No real B/O in mind. Will run until Sunday or until B/O accepted.

confirming I am for sale, isk sent to me.

duplicate, please lock

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