WTS 57.9 ml sp minmatar toon (1.8 ml not used)


Character was born in 2006. Armor and gennery skills are good developed. Security status 0, wallet 0, 3 Jump clones available, removed into NPC corp, currently located in high sec, got 3 jump clones, no kill rights

I am expecting to get around 45 bil, but will consider all offers

45 Bill B/O

Oh, I didnt expect to get such good offer so fast. I am happy to sell for 45 bil. Sold to Mdm Curie!

Great. Are you ready to transfer ? Can I send ISK and account information ?

yes, I am at my pc

ISK and account information sent

Isk and account info received. Transfer ticket is being filled.

Looks like this is another scam. ESI is now revoked and still no toon in my account.
This is bad.

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