WTS 57 Mil SP Subcap PVP

Positive Wallet
Located in Jita


T2 Small and Med Guns - All types
T2 Large Disintegrator Spec
All Gunnery Support Skills V
Strong Drone Skills
Maxed out Engineering Skills
Assault Frigs and HACs V
Amarr Frigs/Destroyers/Cruisers V
Gallente Frigs/Destroyers/Cruiser/Battlecruisers V
Minmatar Frigs/Destroyers/Cruisers V
Cybernetics V

Mid Grade Snake clone in lowsec

45b Start
50b buyout

45bil if u can sell me the char right away

Bump to the top.

50B B/O

Accepted. Please send isk and account info.

Isk and account details have been sent

Received. Transfer started. Fly safe o7