WTS 71mil sp PVP/PVE subcap pilot

Nice specific skills subcap with 1 yearly remap and 3 bonus remaps available - no real wasted sp’s


60bil buys it and deal done immediately - toon all packed up and ready to go.

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45 bil


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50bil seems reasonable to me - want to proceed?

51 bil

sounds good to me - happy to proceed?

i do have a fair amount of inventory to tidy up but i think i can do it in about an hour

52 bil

53 bil

ok - shall we do it at 54bil? I’m just keen to get it done

Keen to get it done you can get 10 bill more for it lol

do you want to buy it?

If my other character had sold I would but I was only giving advice, in the end you always sell for what YOU think it’s worth.

no worries - i appreciate the advice mate :slight_smile:

I am going to log and see what happens when i come back on - was just trying to get it done before bed.

Yea it is annoying waiting but personally I’d hold out longer as it’s pretty well trained with hardly any wasted sp

will do - thanks again

sounds like its too cheap at that - if you want to do it now then i’m happy to do it at 60bil - would want to do it right away if you’re keen at that price

I wouldnt personally go higher then 54 bil

fair enough

Do you want to sell now or are you going to wait?