WTS 57m sp utility alt / new main


this is my alt haven’t got time to run so many accounts so downsizing a little bit

all CCP rules apply
pos wallet
almost -10 sec stat
HG snakes amuls and crystals
mid grade talismans
can fly some decent amarr and Minnie ships
boosher,cyno alt what ever you want to use him for

sale in and around 60b

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47b ingame offer

to the top!

35b in game offer

37b offer

hello ?

41b offer in game bump lets sell it today !!

still for sale

to the top

bump wts this weekend !!

still for sale


33B possible free bump

LOL had 47b in game probably going to accept

still for sale

still for sale

35B offer??

too low looking 45-50

If you 35B offer, I will borrow ISK now. and Transfer

OCT 8 you say : 35 in game offer