WTS - 57MILL SP Subcap Toon - Gallente / Trig (CLOSED)


I, the wounded, hereby enter myself up for sale - with accordance to all CCP rules and regulations.

My Wallet is +positive ISK, with no kill rights at all. I have destroyed all jump clones. The Character is located within Highsec - in Bourynes.

Skill Sheet

I have listed her skills above.

Trig Frigate, Cruiser and Battleship to Lvl 5
Good Gunnery skills - Trig Precursor guns etc level 5
Can fly Ishtar Well - good drone skills!

Check out the link above!!!

Starting bid - 47bill
Buyout - 55bill

ISK will be sent to the wounded.

I will be paying transfer fee.

We will run from now until 5th January unless a buyout to my liking is met!

I reserve the right to cancel this auction at any point in time.

one teeny tiny rule you didn’t follow. You need to be in an NPC corp.

ESI hasnt updated - just left my corp before doing the advert - :frowning:

Shows in NPC corp for me… Try checking in game before posting pls.

i look at skillboard first.

Looking for a new owner :slight_smile:

Decided to nuke skills. Withdrawing auction

Sale appears finished, OP’s Post was reverted to Original and thread locked.