WTS 58.7 mil SP pilot (Closed)

I am for sale…

*Positive Wallet Balance
*No Kill Rights
*All clones located in hi-sec,
*Currently located in Jita

No standings with anyone, no combat history, limited corp history… clean pilot, only ever used as a cloaked T3 scout but was the only toon on account so she kept training skills.

8.8 mil SP in drones
9.8 mil SP in gunnery
8.4 mil SP in missiles

Bidding starts at 45 bil
Buyout at 52 bil
Any questions, feel free to ask. Cheers.

47 billion.

47 billion is the current high bid, I’m gonna let the auction run until 0800 eve time but if no other bids come in then she’s all yours. o7

48 billion.

Maizie is the high bidder at 48 billion, one hour left until auction ends.

Auction closed, Maizie go ahead and send account info and ISK and I’ll begin the transfer once received.

ISK and account information has been sent. Thanks!

Transfer initiated. Enjoy

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