[WTS] 66.9 Mil SP Pilot

(Nib Nibb) #1

Character Details: https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Nib_Nibb

Yearly Remap - 1
Bonus Remaps - 2

100k Unallocated SP

Mid-Grade Slave Set + extras AND High-grad Asklepian set + extras

Based in Jita 4-4

Assets in High Sec

Starting bid: 40billion

No rush to sell (Auction will run for 2 weeks or until a Buyout offer is accepted)

(Nib Nibb) #2

Bump for the day.

(Nib Nibb) #3

For the weekend.

(Tremolo Taak) #4

40b offer

(Maizie Fields) #5

45 bil

(Nib Nibb) #6

About to accept a 48bil offer when the individual posts on the forums.

(Lily Bukandara) #7

46b ofer

(Maizie Fields) #8

50 bil

(Nib Nibb) #9

Offer accepted. Please transfer the isk to this toon and mail the toon the account you want it transferring to.

50bil Accpted from Maizie Fields

(Maizie Fields) #10

The ISK and account information has been sent. Thanks!

(Nib Nibb) #11

confirmed. Toon transferred. Enjoy.