[WTS] 66.9 Mil SP Pilot

Character Details: https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Nib_Nibb

Yearly Remap - 1
Bonus Remaps - 2

100k Unallocated SP

Mid-Grade Slave Set + extras AND High-grad Asklepian set + extras

Based in Jita 4-4

Assets in High Sec

Starting bid: 40billion

No rush to sell (Auction will run for 2 weeks or until a Buyout offer is accepted)

Bump for the day.

For the weekend.

40b offer

45 bil

About to accept a 48bil offer when the individual posts on the forums.

46b ofer

50 bil

Offer accepted. Please transfer the isk to this toon and mail the toon the account you want it transferring to.

50bil Accpted from Maizie Fields

The ISK and account information has been sent. Thanks!

confirmed. Toon transferred. Enjoy.

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