WTS 58mil SP DN&Titan character

sold close please

Sent the toon too me

Sorry but this price is a bit low for me.
Is 50 bil isk a good price for you?

I will give you 55b

Trade for an komodo BPC

Accepted my offer ingame, sending isk wirtin an hour, getting kids in bath and too bed.
Please confirm agreement here, then i start sending isk.

edit: No response anymore from seller, mailed back after 2 min.
Retracting offer today if no reaction here.

sold close

Ok understand it and thanx for the reply. Will sent isk over then within an hour.

Acc.name given by ingame mail.
Thanks for doin business.

Lucky Bee

Waiting on seller, isk sent yesterday

Will go back home in several hours, transfer will start after confirm the isk is received. Thanks for waiting.

Isk received, tranfer starts

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