WTS 5M + 238k SP mining

(The panthera) #1

WTS 5mil + 238k SP
postitive wallet
statut security is 0.2
mining lev5, mining upgrade lev5, ice lev5, astrogeologie lev5, industrie lev5, cpu management lev5.
40 min for exhumer.


pass: 12345

start 4bil B/O 5 bil

(Itachi TheAvenger) #2

can I buy out for 4,5bil right now?

(Stuu Reborn) #3

4.7bil I (how is transfer being done?)

(The panthera) #4

ok for 4.7b I will inquire to see how the transfer works

(Stuu Reborn) #5

e.g. WEbsite and Real money transfer or petition (ticket) and 1000 plex. Honest best is website and Real ££

(The panthera) #6

that is apparently you have to send the money on the character and upon receipt I made the transferred

(Itachi TheAvenger) #7

i do 4,8bil right now. message me in game … I’ve been messaging you but no respond?

(The panthera) #8

hello i sent you a message in the game

(The panthera) #9

Still available

(Stuu Reborn) #10

Do you still want my offer ?? Or is it a no?

(The panthera) #11

yes always ok for your offer

(system) #12

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