WTS 5MIL + 238k SP Mining

WTS 5mil + 238k SP
postitive wallet
statut security is 0.2
mining lev5, mining upgrade lev5, ice lev5, astrogeologie lev5, industrie lev5, cpu management lev5.
40 min for exhumer.


pass: 12345

start 4,5 bil

as per your other posts i bid 4.7 bil offer stands until i find my last char.

4.7 kkk isk ready

4.8b bid

4.9b bid

5b bump

ok for 5B

you can make the payment of the reception I transfer you the character to the address that you wish

Are you still interested.

Start again :slight_smile: 4.5bil

5bil right now

ok for 5bil Fawniquaa

4.6 Bil. isk ready. Realy ready :expressionless:

isk ready to send

isk sent and account name

send to

all rereadty toThe_panthera) per cpp rules

Ok fine

sorry just following the rules’

yes you are right to what address should I do the transfer thank you