Wts 5mil SP miner/indy

(ArtiSan Ostus) #1

start banch miner/indy pilot
with alot of injected skills
balanced wallet
high grade (+4) in all 1-5 implants

will let go for 5bil

(ArtiSan Ostus) #2


got some assets in delve that i canot contract or trash

(XShadow4X Coors) #3

5 bil offer

(ArtiSan Ostus) #4

will take your offer

(Aaron Bellman) #5

Did you make the deal?
if not , i offer 5.1b

(ArtiSan Ostus) #6

i guess he is buisy
so will take your 5.1

(Aaron Bellman) #7

OK, right now

(Aaron Bellman) #8

plz check your wallet, I sent 5.1b. I’d be very happy if you could transfer it in 10 hours.

(Aaron Bellman) #9

ok ,I have received

(system) #10

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