WTS 5M Skill Point - 2009 100% Clean Char - Magic 14 Completed


January 2009 Char Creation Date

Magic 14 for Alpha - Completed

Positive Wallet

100% Clean History:
Never Killed
Never Sold
No Implants
No Kill Rights
No Jump Clones
NPC Corp - Never joined any Corp

Located in Jita 4-4

250k Unallocated Skill Points

1.2M SP in Drones for Abyss Runs

4 bil

4.5 B

5 bil, best offer

Highest offer by Friday 0:00 Eve Time wins.

I will be ready to start Char Transfer immediately after ISK is paid.

if u change ur mind, i could be rdy to transfer isk and begin process in 2-3 hours… but could wait till friday… 5bil will be my max offer though

If there are no other offers within 24 hours, I will end and highest offer takes it.

Final Bump. BlackDeath-X high offer of 5B. Will conclude sale in 3 hours.

Send ISK and I’ll start the char Xfer. Congrats BlackDeath!

give me a few hours, seems to be having issues at home, but will be sending isk within the next 24hours max

Will be buying with my alt: Sonulya

sending money in a few mins

yes me! :slight_smile:

money sent from Sonulya
, ingame mail sent to char for account info transfer

confirming it was me! ty

Isk received. Xfer initiated. Good luck. Be good to her, she’s a good girl.

ty :slight_smile: i promise to not abuse her :slight_smile: