WTS 5M SP Alt/Starter Pilot

Confirming I am for sale…


All CCP rules apply and all CCP requirements are met

B/O 3.5B

bumpy bump

bump up

bump up…still for sale

still up for sale.

bump up…still selling

bump of the day…

2.5b CAN?

I can do 2.8B

I’m sorry! I don’t want it

bump to the top…

still for sale…

How Transfer fee ?

Of course I would pay the $20 transfer fee. Char is in Hisec/ Pos wallet / no kill rights, etc.

Send the isk to this char and an ingame mail with the account I should transfer to.

2.6b offer

accepted. send isk and mail in game with account to transfer to

Isk and information sent

getting an error that target account has too many characters…got an open slot on that account? if u need to change accounts, send mail ingame.

Sorry my bad new username sent

transfer initiated.