5.1 Mill SP Character For Sale


2007 Character no longer needed so selling.
Zero Wallet Balance.
Located in High Security.
Full set of Basic implants.
No kill rights.
I will pay the transfer fee.

3 Billion ISK buyout.

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Still for sale.

I Bit 3b isk will pay later iam @ Work to 9pm

German timezone

Hi, if this is still available I’ll buy it right now. Let me know.

Is this still available? If so 3.2B isk buyout



Sold for 3.2bill ISK. Please transfer ISK and account name. Thanks.

Give me a few moments sir to log on appropriate alt and sell some plex for the isk in amarr :slight_smile:

Isk sent and account eve mailed to you, please acknowledge receipt of funds transfer and initiation of character transfer to the new account. Thank you in advance!!!

ISK received and transfer in progress. Thanks.

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