WTS 5m SP Character - Jinx SOLD

Born 2014. Only 1 non-npc corp. No kill rights. Clean Kill Mails, no kills no losses. Great name from League of Legends.

Located in highsec, no isk, no assets. Basic implants slots 1-5.


2 bonus remaps and regular remap available.

Thanks for checking her out :wink:


3.5b isk ready

3.5b confirmed. Send isk and account name please and I’ll transfer now.

Isk and mail with info sent

Character sent, please confirm. Ty

No notification from ccp have been received yet

Ok, keep checking.

I’ll be upfront and say I messed up the payment the first time but then I tried a different payment method and I received the email from ccp saying that the transfer has been initiated to your account and that my payment has been processed.

I can confirm that on the account management page, Jinx is no longer listed there.

I received the ccp transfer initiated email about 42 mins ago.

If you don’t receive the notification soon, check with ccp to see what is going on.

Not sure why I haven’t received a mail informing about it but just check it throw the account management and the transfer have been received ty

Ok thanks…whew. I thought I messed the transaction up big time.

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