WTS 5m SP Planetary Interaction toon(All relevant info added)

Advanced Planetology 5
Planetology 5
Interplanetary Consolidation 5
Command Center Upgrades 5
Remote Sensing 5

Character is in Jita 4-4 station(Highsec). No jump clones, no implants, no kill rights, positive wallet(zero isk), Neural Remap available, 2 bonus Remaps available.

Character is in a alpha account.
“Transferred characters will inherit the Omega or Alpha status of the account they were transferred to after the next downtime. This means that a character transferred from an Alpha account to an Omega account will not be upgraded to Omega status until downtime has occurred.”

B/O 5b

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3Bil - Instant pay

you still selling ?

i offer 2.5B if u r still for selling