WTS 12.5M SP Scanning/exploration Pilot

0.0 Sec Status
no kill rights
currently alpha
2 bonus remaps available
892 isk wallet
279m in assetts (one fitted helios 2 jumps from Jita)

Currently in Jita has left corp and is in NPC corp as of 5 minutes ago.

Will consider trade for a gila/drone pilot

How much?

Not sure how much it’s really worth, open to offers.

offer 5B ?

Bidding starts with you at 5B. Will let this run a bit and see what other offers come up before I accept.

Ill do 6.5b

Looking to buyout asap

I will do 7b

Sorry ended up traveling for work and didn’t get a chance to check this while I was gone, am back now.

I will accept 7b from Makitha Hariyama if the offer is still valid.

Yes im still offering

If the character is still for sale I’ll buy for 8b

Haven’t seen you close the thread, if it’s still available, I’ll give you 9bil

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