Sold close pls

I am auctioning myself:

Corion Azreas Skillboard || Eve Is ESI || A Third Party Eve Online App

Corion Azrea is a character in the MMORPG Eve Online. They have amassed 168,616,886 skillpoints and they’re currently training 2 skills in their skill queue. Click to learn more about this character

  • 168mil SP, half a mil free
  • High grade Crystal pod, Mid grade Amulet, High grade Talon, plus other and with mind links
  • Character located in HIgh sec, positive sec status, NPC corp. no kill rights
  • two dreads to 5, carrier 5, flies supers, fax, carriers, dreads
  • All marauders, All battleship5, all BC 5, all cruiser 5, all T3s.
  • Buy this character if you want the ability to do everything in pvp. The alt has an impressive killboard and alliance history, you can keep it going
  • Starting bid a 120b, BO 150b


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123 b offering ty

125b~~,Please tell me when the auction will end. I don’t have much time

126 b offering ty,


131b offering ty,


139 b offering ty,


The seller didn’t show up all the time. It was painful to wait. I decided to give up this auction

Apologies, I have been traveling for the last two days. Auction will end tomorrow.

130b I need this account。ple

If this offer is still valid, please send isk and ingame mail

isk and acc name sent


Xfer initiated, thank you <3

xfer completed ty,

According to the rules, you were not supposed to change the first post.