WTS 5M SP Skirmish Command Specialist


The main reason you would buy this character is to more quickly train a character intended for skirmish command.

Specifically, this character is designed to bypass the waiting time to use the Skirmish Command Mindlink module. The character currently has:

  • Leadership V
  • Command Burst Specialist V
  • Skirmish Command V
  • Skirmish Command Specialist
  • High Speed Maneuvering V

These five skills total about 4.87M, and I will be honest and say that these skills are effectively all you’re getting with this char.

The remaining 0.5M or so are in a smattering of different skills that you’ll probably pick up when flying ships anyways.

This character is pretty basic so 2B B/O.

I’m gonna be honest with you. This character isn’t worth spending money to sell. You are trying to sell at a tremendous loss.

Add cybernetics to V at a minimum before trying to sell.

Thanks for the information! What would be a good price after Cybernetics V, in your opinion?

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