WTS 5M SP t3d starter character

p: abc

SP 4,788,532
Unallocated SP 250,000

Amarr Destroyer V
Amarr Tactical Destroyer IV
Gunnery V
Small Energy Turret V
Small Beam Laser Specialization III
Hull Upgrades V
CPU Management V
Power Grid Management V
Weapon Upgrades V

Remap 12/22/18 (perc/will)
Bonus remaps: 2

No killrights
Sec status: 0.00
Positive wallet balance
No jumpclones
Location: High sec npc station

Transfer will be done by plex.
Looking at bids starting from 4bil and up.

4.5b b/o

noted down

5b b/o

Accepted please sent isk and account name ingame.
Awaiting response until 08/24/18 10pm eve time.

If he won’t answer then i can pay 5,2b

vuo are you still for sale i will send isk if you are along with account info

Not responding ingame.

Not responding ingame.

Open for bids again

Push :dizzy:

4.5b offer

offer 5 bn

5.5B b/o

Accepted please sent isk and account name ingame.

Isk and Account info sent

Confirmed, transfer Support Request #777818 submitted

I still have not received confirmation email. How long can it take?

The support ticket doesn’t generate an email afaik, due to it being a plex transfer.

Depends on the GMs and queue of tickets.
But I guess around 48h or so.

Characeter has been transfered, thank you o7

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