WTS 5mil SP Exhumers pilot

Price: 4.5bil OBO

SP = 5,002,213
No jump clones
No kill rights
0 ISK balance
Security status 0.5
Neural remap available: now
Bonus remaps: 3
Implants: none
Skins: none
NPC corp
Location: Orduin

2.5 bil due to the fact it doesn’t have Cybernetic 5

Willing to drop the price to 3bil for immediate sale. Or if no further bids will close the sale on Friday at 00:00 UTC and sell for your asking price.

I can give u 3.2 Now if u want. Need only te minutes to change computers (i am in work)

Sold to Space Ghost Zarriel for 3.2bil. Please send ISK and I will initiate the transfer within 6 hours of receipt.

Isk nd account sent.

I have delays for Windows updates.

Character transfer process completed. Thank you.

This has been closed as the character has been sold.

Thank you and fly safe o/

ISD Bahamut