WTS 6,2 mil SP Orca pilot and some other ships. Decent core skills, cybernetics 5

I am for sale https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/mischievous_meerkat

All CCP rules apply
Positive wallet
positive standings
In NPC corp, just left it so may take time for forums to register

start 4 bil
BO 5 bil or more if bidding goes past

5B if to can sell it quickly (this morning) ISk ready to send

On now and can start transfer when you send isk and account

Sure what name mischievous meerkat?

yep, I have him logged on now

Sent, xfer toon to account name: XXXXXX7

says you have to many characters on that account. Also send account in eve mail and delete it here, safer from account thieves/hackers.

PM sent with new details, sent to mischievous meerkat via chat PM

Also sent eve mail

Transfer started. Thanks

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