WTS 6.3M SP Enforcer ---- SOLD

currently in NPC Imperial Academy

-wallet = 786 ISK

-skill list at skillq.net, T2 small & medium energy weapons, Amarr BC, Minmatar Cruiser *** info at Quantum Anomaly

-no kills, no losses, zkillboard.com character ID=2116030257

-no jump clone, currently in Amarr VIII (Oris)

-Augments: Limited Ocular; Limited Memory; Limited Neural; Basic Cybermetic; Beta Social; SE-603 Small Energy Turret

-Standings: Imperial Armaments 3.94; Amar 2.22; Caldari 1.71; Minmatar -4.62; Gallente -5.56

-39 ship skins

Asking 4B

@Ahmadahy your skill link isnt working.

trying to fix it now

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SkillQ should be shared now please try it and advise, thanks

@Ahmadahy still not working for me.

stand by, working on it

not sure why it’s not displaying, set public share to 30 day, only thing I can think of is server update delay - sorry. try again in 30min or so

this is the link I get https://skillq.net/char/Ahmadahy/

Quantum Anomaly try this one.

that link just says not yours to view now.

try this

that link works now, you will need to drop your corporation as well asp part of the rules.

already in an NPC corp - wasn’t updated when created - check Eve Who

hi 4b offer

Diosa Rola - send the isk and an eve-mail with account info and it’s a done deal

ISK and account number have been sent

stand by checking now

appears good - switching to my main to initiate transfer - any concerns/questions eve mail Sai Phone’kopai

transfer complete - fly safe