WTS 6.5M Orca/Freighter pilot

T2 Mining Links
Can fly Charon(Caldari Freighter)
Currently training: Nav 5 (Queued up for Moros skill level 3 according to Evemon)
looking for offers thanks

No killrights
Positive wallet
No JCs installed

Arisha Moon
5.2b offer

5.2b offer confirmed

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Lemme fix that link for you http://eveboard.com/pilot/HuntinYou_Jorden

when you want end the auction?

Thank you
@Arisha_Moon I will be ending it tonight, please contact my main in-game jorden huntinyou

The toon will be sold tonight to the highest bidder. Lets say 2100

5.3b offered

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5.4b offer ingame contacted

5.4B Pending awaiting reply in-game

Character Transfer Received
thx for fast business!

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