WTS 6.6m sp

(Lisa Rei) #1


6.4m sp 194k unallocated

Was trained into a gank tornado hence the BC 5 and Large Projectiles 5. Could be a basic incursion running toon in less than a week. Or you could just extract 3 injectors and use it to farm sp.

2 Remaps
set of basic implants minus charisma
positive isk
0.0 sec status

LF 5b b/o

(Fatli Solvent) #2

3.7b bid

(Lisa Rei) #3

4 B/O is pretty standard for a 5mil sp farm toon and I can extract 3 injectors already so a bid of 3.7 is rejected.

(Killashandra Rhee) #4

4B b/o

(Lisa Rei) #5

You already bid 4.5 on the old forums… pass

(Lisa Rei) #6


(Lisa Rei) #7


(blackmamba230 Pappotte) #8