WTS 6.8m SP WIP JF char

Had planned to train this into an dedicated ark alt, but I don’t really need it anymore so deciding what to do with the char.


  • JDC5 almost done, 2 days left, and I’ll probably close the sale after it completes so it will be just shy of 7m sp.

  • 90 days (5.5mil sp) to finish char with lvl 5 supports, lvl 4 freighter/jf/jfc

  • 200 days (~12m sp) from all relevant level 5s

  • 2 bonus remaps are available to shorten train time.

  • +5s for all 3 attributes required for the train (has cybernetics 5 already, does not have slave set)

  • All skillbooks injected

!! Evemail offers to Cnda Adian !! if you want to go that route, as I am unlikely to check them on this character, alternatively you contact me on discord @CaFi#6098. Cnda Adian is my main.

Also if you need them, I can give you my skill queues, but honestly it’s pretty simple.

Transfer will be done via plex, this is non negotiable


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