WTS 6 Mil SP Skill Farm/Potential Pilot

I’m selling my SP farm, I simply cannot afford to keep her around, some features:


Located in Jita
No Kill Rights
Positive Wallet
Positive Sec Status
Cybernetics 5
1 Yearly Remap
2 Bonus Remaps
Clean Corp History

She also has a good base to start from to make an excellent pilot, and could be combat ready in a matter of days.

Ill do 4.5b

If I have no higher offers by tomorrow at this time, I may take you up on this.

You won’t. 4.5b for 6m sp is already over paying (at least on the forums)


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If you’re still interested, I’m online now.

ISK and account name sent.

Isk recieved, transfer initiated, pleasure doing business!

Character received

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