WTS 61,904,555 Skillpoints

33b offer

33.5B ok?

35.5 b offer

35b ok?

38B offer

I’ll offer the 38 bil buy out

Sold to Nyx Aeon, under the below conditions. Send isk and account info to “fei xiaokeai” and I’ll start the transfer.

Five days have passed,

ISK has not been transferred, and the character is now back in the market for bid

36 billions - isk ready and can send now if accepted

37 bil

38 Bil

39 bil

46bil ok?

46 bil offer, Send isk and account info to “fei xiaokeai”

46 bil offer, Send isk and account info to “fei xiaokeai”

OK, I will ,and pay attention to check

i see a scam in the making :rofl: by the char bazaar rules, you can only send ISK to the character being sold. if you send to another char, your isk is pretty much gone. don’t fall for it.

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That is correct.

I hereby request the recipient character to transfer the ISK back to the buyer and settle the transaction according to the Forum rules. The process here has been documented and will be forwarded directly to CCP if I have not received confirmation from both buyer and seller within 24 hours that the isk has been a. transferred back to the buyer, and then b. transferred to the character for sale.

Please also be acutely aware that scamming using character sales is a violation of the EVE Online EULA, and any individuals found to be involved in character sales scams will be permanently banned from EVE Online across all their accounts with no recourse.

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Threat closed and will be forwarded to CCP now.

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