WTS 62m SP Character - JF/FAX pilot

Lvl 5 JF, lvl 5 Caldari freighter, Lvl 5 tactical logistics reconfiguration/T2 triage
62m SP + 64k unallocated

Located in High security - Jita 4-4 Caldari navy assembly plant
Positive wallet
0.0 Sec status
No kill rights against char
In NPC corp
Current clone: Full mid-grade Amulet set with Omega

[SkillQ.net - Billy Oramara]

Starting bid: 50b
Buyout: 60b

Hello, I offer you 48B

55B offer

Buyout at 60B accepted, I will send you the ISK and my account information

Buyout accepted. Once I receive the isk and account information for transfer I will begin character transfer.

it’s done !

Transfer has started!