WTS JF Pilot / Trader, ~32.6M SP

Looking for a new owner that can use me properly.

Tiera Solas

  • Jump Skills to 5

  • Two Freighter skills to 5 (Amarr/Caldari)

  • 7+ mil SP in Trade

  • Positive Wallet

  • No Jump Clones

  • Located in Perimeter

  • No Kill Rights

  • NPC Corp

Willing to wait for the right offer.

To the top!

Daily bump.

Bump it up!


10 Billion

20 bil


Appreciate the bids so far! Going to the SP farm in a few days for slaughter if no bids closer to 30B.

27 Bill

I will give it until tomorrow evening. If no higher bids come in, I will accept 27B. Buyout 33B.

Last bump. Accepting 27B bid (or highest bid) in 4 hours when I get home.

27B accepted from Fire Ohmiras. Send Isk and we’ll get this going.

Isk sent. Awaiting Character.

Isk received. Transfer initiated.

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