WTS 63M Levi/ Phoenix char

Me pass: nyx (Is now in NPC corp)
Caldari Titan4
Caldari Dread5
Tactical Weapon Config5
Black Ops5

  • Pos wallet
  • Char is in LS one jump from HS
  • Nice dread skin
  • Seller pays Transfer with creditcard

Selling this toon for 48B isk

43b offer

Make it 45 and will sell rdy too transfer

Ah well 43b accepted

hold on

you wanna buy the toon?

yes isk sent your this char´╝č

yes and mail acc.name ingame

send pls check

isk recieved and acc.name starting transfer in 2 min

pls check isk send

Character Name: Dankboi Dankerson

Will be completed after: 1/30/2021 8:16:56 PM

Thnx for doin business

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