WTS 64.4 mil sp Fax, Super carrier and Jump freighter pilot

Haniball Lecter Skill & Standings Sheet (tools4eve.com)

this pilot can fly Amarr and Gallente Fax’s specially a Apostle or Ninazu drone skills excellent
mainly a strong Fax pilot…
can fly supercarriers Aeon or Nyx
can fly Jump freighters Rhea or Anshar Jump freighter 4
x3 remaps available.
isk positive, no kill rights,
is in jita 4-4 atm and Npc Corp Aswell

starting bid at 40bil buy out will be 50 bill

Looking at the skillboard you can sit in the Nyx / Aeon but you don’t have the skills for Fighters?

41bil buy out. isk in hand

If you could meet me at 43 bil buy out it’s yours

i’m willing to bump to 42. Let me know.

43 billions


44 bil

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Is this still available I’d be interested in purchasing it? Ur asking 50bil?

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45B ready

48B offer

This pilot is still available I will take 50 bil as a buy out .
1st person to hit 50bil I will close this post out in 23 hours from now .
Or if anyone hits 50 bil before the 23 hours left. Thank you.

Yes still available, I will accept 50 bil buy out or any price above that. 1st person I see hit 50 or over it’s your pilot.

Let me take him down with 50B

isk and mail have been sent

isk received and acct received.
it’s your let me start process thank you.

Transferring to XXXXXX

Will be completed after 3/30/2023 3:19:17 AM
Goodluck fly safe and enjoy.

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