WTS 64.9 m SP PVP/Missile/Shield Pilot Starting BID 35 BILL


Born 10/18/2012
No Implants
Year Remap Available now
1.1m Unallocated SP

Great Core Skills
Good Drone Skills
Great Shield Skills
Awesome Missile skills
Can Use T2 Siege
Caldari Pilot

NPC Corp
ISK positive
No Kill Rights
Located In High Sec
Estimated Extraction 52 Bill

Character will be auctioned
-Starting Bid 35 Bill
-There is a Reserve Price is in place

Auction Will end two days from now 8/3/19 at 1400 EVE time


45 bil

Highest Bidder Canace Orient with 45 billion ISK


48 bil

50 bil

51 bil

55 bil

Highest Bidder Mister Wrath at 55 bill

Offer From Mister Wrath Has been Accepted, will start character transfer once money has been received.

Can u type here from K0rshyN that y sellin it?

K0rshyN has been sold to Mister Wrath. Waiting on Isk transfer.

isk and acc info sent

Isk received, character transfer initiated.

Auction Closed

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