WTS 9.8m SP Gunnery pilot , made in 2013

Justified Rage is the name ( pretty solid name if i do say so myself) i am the original pilot, character was created on 2013-06-03 , Positive Isk balance, -3.1 Sec status , 700m isk in assests scattered in null-low sec system around Barle, one jump clone with no implants in Dastryn’s III. Made this toon to play around in null and low sec in smaller fleets, he is specialized for gallente/mim frigs, and has many skills in gunnery.

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Justified_Rage Password is “Rage” (capital R)

Bids start at 4.5b isk
Buyout at 7b isk.

6b my offer when i can get home

6B is noted and i will accept that , Jeral Dovah , i Just started my shift and ill be at work until 3am est tomorrow morning and can start the character transfer then! If this is agreeable send the 6B isk and the account name via eve mail, and as soon as i get back home i will start the xfer process :slight_smile:

Okey, ill send all and modify this post as soon as i get home

Roger that !

isk and account name sent

Excellent, just keeping you in the loop, i will confirm the isk and acct name and do the transfer asap once I am off of work Jeral !

Alrighty Jeral , Character transfer is in progress. Thank you !

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