WTS 65.5M SP Rorqual Pilot + lvl 5 Security Missions for Gallente

Selling myself.

Wallet balance : 9.000.000 Isk
No kill rights

2 JC : both in Jita with Improved Clone Implants + normal Implants atm

High Standing with Gallente Federal Intelligence Office 7,51 for lvl 5 Missions

Character stays in Jita

Bid Start : 50 B
B/O: 70B

Transfer will be payed with cash

Cynosural Field Theory 5
Jump Drive Calibration 5
Jump Drive Operation 5
Jump Fuel Conservation 5

Invulnerability Core Operation 5
Biology 5
Cloning Facility Operation 5
Cybernetics 5
Infomorph Psychology 5

daily bump

30 bil

34 bil are worth the extracted skills alone + 2,4 bil for transfer

thx for bump

daily bump

daily bump

daily bump

pmub yliad

Marcel Hoerrmann I can do 35b

Thx for your offer.

Looking for +50b.

bump bump

evening bump

11 Days left bump

9 Days left bump

7 Days left bump

5 Days left bump

Tomorrow last day, after that day I will extract this toon.


40 B, ISK ready

50B and he is yours.

Sorry, I don’t have that much ISK, 42B is last price I can provide