Wts 65 m sp born in 2005


Sec status negative, few ml on the wallet, no kill rights

I want to sell it fast, in 1-2 days

Bids from 45 bil

50.5B offer

Bid accepted

I’ll send you the isk and account name in a couple hours, it’ll come from the character ‘Vandermark’. Unless you are just acknowledging the bid and are wanting to wait for more

Ok, I’m waiting for ISK. Bargaining is closed

I was able to log in, isk and account name have been sent

I can offer u 52b

Any update on this? Is a ticket made at least?

Another scam :frowning: ?

Starting to wonder, this one, and two others that I have paid for already and then heard nothing. It’ll make it the 5th in the last week and a half

Edit: In the interest of saving the GM’s time, I’ve gone ahead and added this sale to my ticket due to no response after isk and account name being sent and skillboard stating access revoked. Good luck

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