WTS 65Mil sp , full PVP Char

Hi, i am for sale Lars2 Maulerants Skillboard || Eve Is ESI || A Third Party Eve Online App

Highlights Fighters
5 Hac 5
Minmitar BS 5
Galente BS 5
Can fly Min and Gal Carriers Positive wallet and sec status, located in empire and npc corp Any questions please ask here or ingame via mail looking for 30b

Lars2 Maulerant I can give you 30B

Just accept and I will send the ISK and account info.


Ok, sure i accept

ISK and account info sent.

Isk received and account now sent

Please let me know you get the email to confirm

I got the email.
Another player is transferring the character Lars2 Maulerant to your account **********

Ok great thanks for swift take up

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