WTS 66 Mil SP Character - 2 Neural Remaps - 1.5 Bill Assets

This very clean Amarr character has been in one non-NPC corporation since it’s birth in 2013. It has 66 Million SP, two neural remaps available and is skilled towards PVP. It has about 230 million ISK and assets worth about 1.5 billion if you gather them all up.

http://eveboard.com/pilot/Hooligan_Shazih This link looks horrible. Check him out at eveboard.com, character name Hooligan Shazih.

I’m looking for 55 Billion starting and 60 Billion Buy Out or just send me some offers.

55 bil

57 bil

58 billion

Hello, if you still want this for 58 bil I will take it.

Please let me know.

Sold. Sending ISK and account info now…

Character Transfer in progress. Thank you very much for the purchase .

I wasn`t aware that you could transfer assets in a character sale? I thought it was only implants.

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