WTS 66m SP, booster/tengu/scanning/PI/exhumer with a TON of other extras

I am in an NPC Corp and located in Jita 4-4.
Current clone is the only augmented one, have two others in Insmother
No kill rights. Positive Wallet.
Sec Status 1.73
I will pay the transfer fee.

http://eveboard.com/pilot/MadRoger_Rackham (No password)

Bidding starts at 50b
58b buyout.

I dont plan on keeping this auction up for along time, just want him sold.
Contact PedroSTF in game to discuss anything, but you’ll be best served to just post here where i will certainly see it. Dont eve-mail / convo madroger himself as I wont see it at all.

Thanks for taking a look.

52 billion.



53 bil

Thanks for the bids. Txiv is leading. Like I said I don’t wanna keep this thing running for months. (Unless Bo is hit) It’s annoying and inconvenience to buyer and seller. Prob wrap this up midweek. So get those bids in.

Bump ttt

Bump ttt


Closing / accepting highest bid by Thursday (like i said, not running this thing forever)… thanks for the bids. Jethro currently leads.

Happy Tuesday everyone. Bump and buyout has been lowered.

bump ttt

54 bil

BTW, is there any remap left? if not, when will the next one be?

Thank you for the bids Txivyawg1. Last remap on Madroger was in 2013. He should have a couple of them stored. I’m going to resub him tonight in lieu of closing this sale tomorrow… So once the kid goes to bed I’ll login to him and check! Give you a more accurate answer.

Thanks again for the bids. Last night for bidding on Madroger folks.

54.5 billion.

55 bil

As I thought, confirmed. MadRoger does have remaps available. My apologies for neglecting to mention. Once again, Txivyawg1 is winning, heading into the last few hours of this auction. Will be selling to the highest bidder unless someone hits the buyout; then we can close this asap tonight!

Thanks again.

Last few hours! Last few hours!

I will be closing this auction today. 1-17-2018. Heres your last chance to bid on Madroger!

TxivYawg1 is winning currently with 55b.

Probably final bump here!

This is closing tonight, roughly 8pm central standard time tonight!

ITT: bump

Bids closed @TxivYawg1 wins with his bid of 55b. Please send isk and account info.

No word from @TxivYawg1 yet. Timers a tickin.