WTA Rorqual/Orca/Interceptor pilot

Mad Hacker 22.152.208 sp
Positive Wallet and sec status.
Full Set of +5 Implants.
No Kill Rights
Located in Jita 4-4
Any and All CCP Rules Apply, will be fast transfer.
http://eveboard.com/pilot/Mad_Hacker 1111
Drone Interfacing / Rank 5
Mining Drone Operation / Level: 5
Mining Drone Specialization / Rank 5
Heavy Missile Specialization / Rank 5
Shield Emission Systems /Level: 5
Shield Management / Level: 5
Shield Operation / Level: 5
Capital Shield Operation / Rank 8 / Level: 5 **
Jump Skills could use some work but I mined in in Impass had no problem jumping to safes if needed.

Please this is an Auction not an opinion board so keep it that way.

10b start bid no reserve

20b buyout

Auction will end 2053 eve time 7/18/2017

Payment to be sent to Mad Hacker as Per CCP Rules
Jump Skills good enough to jump to safe.

10 bil

14b bid

14b buyout declined the buy out amount is 20 bil, bid remains at 10b,
If you wish to bid 14b then repost.
Beast Tivianne is the high bidder

14b bid

bid is tied @14b who wants to win it ?

15 bil


[quote=“Mad_Hacker, post:1, topic:10605”]
given it the bump


17b ready to transfer now.


I accept the 17b offer send isk and information to Mad Hacker and I will start the transfer

I will do the ISK transfer as soon as I return from work


Ok you said you were ready to go so unless someone uses buy out I will honor it.

lol if you still accept bids I’ll do 18bil for now(thought it ends 7/18)

well your right i got no choice. bid accepted.

The other fella just said he was ready and wasnt.

Send the isk to Mad Hacker and the account etc…

trying to arrange money transfer, give me 20min please

you said when you got back from work you left me hanging. i have to go with the rule of the auction as i stated up front.
I took the 18b offer.

isk and info sent

ok I have the isk and information I will start the transfer directly


17 Jul 2017 10:17

EVE Character transfer

Thank You transfer completed

Auction is closed