WTS 66mil SP caldari sub-capital ships specialist

pass - 123

Char born 2016 and have clean corp history
Have excelent navigation skills
Excelent shields, engineering, targeting, drones skills.
Excelent missile skills
Caldari subsystems all 5 lvl
Very good Gunnery skills - 4-5 lvl

Caldari frigate and destroyer - 5lvl with small hybrid turret - 5lvl
Caldari tactical destroyer - 5 lvl
Caldari cruiser and heavy interdiction cruisers - 5 lvl
Recon ships - 5 lvl with perfect jamming skills
Caldari battleships and marauders - 5 lvl

Astrometrics, Archaeology, Hacking - 5 lvl, Salvaging - 5 lvl, Cynosural Field Theory - 5 lvl

Set of +5 implants and 4 +3% implants
Have 2 remaps + bonus remap will be available 2021-12-26
Security status - 0.0
No kill rights

Space Wolf Pack I offer you 35 B.

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What are you looking for isk wise?

36 bil

how can you claim caldari specialist when you have NO hybred skills except smalls

TRUE caldari specialist use missiles and don’t need to teach trash as hybrid skills =))
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I offer you 40B

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42 bil

offer 45b

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47b can do today