WTS caldari char 35 mil sp

Char have clean corp history
Char is good starter for caldary ships specialist.
Have very good navigation skills
Excelent shields, engineering, targeting, drones skills.
Very good electronic system skills
Gunnery and missiles skills - 4lvl
Caldari frigate and destroyer - 5lvl
Small hibrid turret - 5lvl
Astrometrics, Archaeology, Hacking - 5 lvl
Salvaging - 5 lvl

Set of +5 implants and 4 3% implants
Have 2 remaps + 1 bonus remap
Security status - 0.0
No kill rights

Starting price - 20 bil
B/O - 34 bil

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iā€™m for sale

20b offer

22b offer

23b offer


thx for offers


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ill do 25b

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