WTS 67M PVP Avatar&Erebus IV T2 cannon

1.No killrights
2.Positive wallet
3.In NPC corp
B/O 60B

48b offer

50 bil

50.5b offer

52 bil

52.5b offer

53.5 bil

:"Offer accepted

please send isk to tianxian baobao

First of all, by the rules, I can only send isk to the pilot being sold. Secondly, you need to logged into the character being sold to confirm that she is the pilot being sold and accept my offer with her username. I will send isk to “cha Mo” as soon as she confirms by posting on this thread and accept my offer as herself. thank you!

yes,is cha Mo

post here with ‘cha Mo’ and say she is for sale. i will send ISK to ‘cha Mo’ after she posts.

Character for sale must be the one to post the sales thread. You may relist your character for sale once all Character Bazaar rules are followed. Thank you.